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Tripilska TPP

Historical facts

Tripilska TPS is located on the bank of the Dnieper River, 45 km south of Kiev, near the village of Tripoli. After the decommissioning of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, TPP Tripoli with an installed capacity of 1800 MW is the largest power-generating facilities in the territory of Kyiv region.

The main building of the station is built on the Universal project pulverized coal power station.

The main fuel is Donets anthracite shtib arriving by rail. Backing, podsvetochnoe fuel – gas, fuel oil. Gas economy consists of two gas distribution points bandwidth of 320 thousand m3 / h and the gas pipeline system.

Water supply system – direct-flow, with water intake of the Kanev Reservoir. It consists of two pumping stations.

Water treatment for TPP provides preparation 250 t / h of desalted water for once-through ion exchange process boilers.

Since the beginning of operation of Tripoli TPP generates 350 billion kilowatt-hours. electricity and 5.5 million Gcal teppoenergii.

Today on Tripoli TPP there is a need to reconstruct the equipment.

Thus, in the workshop of water treatment stations were installed rubber-lined pipe, which fell off and scored gumirovka fuel channels on the boilers.

In 2012, the plant specialists «Spiroplast» was renovated pipeline raspushivaniya inlet manifold and N-cation filters in the shop chemical water. Gumirovannye pipes were replaced with polypropylene.