Sewer polyethylene manholes

Plant Wells “Spiroplast” can be mounted both on the small and very deep, stable ground, as well as unstable soils with a high water table; in areas with a risk of damage caused by mining activities or soils undergoing dynamic loads from traffic.

When the trenches necessary to pay attention to avoid excessive weakening of the soil was formed, and not to exceed a certain depth.

Depending on the level of ground water, the well can be equipped with a camera overhead. The standard height of the additional load chamber is 0.3m.

Camera extra load should be filled with liquid concrete. For this purpose the bottom of the bottom is arranged on two opposite sides of the pipe through which the concrete is poured.

After filling with concrete, pipes, close the polyethylene cap.


To view the different types of wells, as well as their modifications can be located on the links below.