Cable collectors are underground structure circular shape, designed to accommodate the power cable lines, communication lines and other cable communications. Cable routing in collectors ensures their durability and reliability, eliminating mechanical damage.

The collectors are made of a horizontal pipe with polymeric spiral wound profile, which is fastened to the concrete slab with steel braces or anchors in increments of 3 m.

The collector can be popnoprohodnym (for the convenience of cable pulling) or the semi.

Between a collector connected via zkstruzionnoy welding.

The collectors are designed for installation in the pedestrian zone of FDI transport.

The ring stiffness of the collector is chosen based on its depth, soil conditions, traffic load.

«Spiroppast» The plant produces cable collectors with ring stiffness of vary from 2 to 20 kN / m

Кабельные коллекторы


The design of the polymer collector includes:

  • The body of the reservoir;
  • The bottom of a emergency drainage system;
  • The ventilation system;
  • Adjustable console for fastening cable;
  • Collector lighting;
  • The alarm system and automation

For the placement and attachment of supply mains, polymer collectors of “Spiroppast” equipped with anchoring structures, consisting of a bracket and set them consoles, made of non-combustible materials. Brackets are attached to the walls of the collector is not more than 900 mm from each other.

Console can be regulated and unregulated. The vertical distance between them – not less than 150 mm

This collector design has a number of significant advantages in comparison with similar solutions of reinforced concrete, in particular:

  • A significant reduction in the time of construction of cable sewerage in comparison with the same teams and monolithic constructions of reinforced concrete;
  • Fully sealed CR system (continued throughout the service life – up to 50 years) with the impossibility of water ingress into the cable ducts, in spite of the best accommodation in KL freezing layer of soil, exposed to seasonal movements;
  • High performance and maintainability. as the collectors themselves. and laid them in the cable networks (the smooth conduct of the audit, repair and further laying of cable lines, as well as reliable sealing of joints and pipe manifolds blocks with a well);
  • A wide operating temperature range from -50 to +60 °C;
  • The collectors are delivered to the site of 12-13 meter modules fully completed elements for cable routing (internal racks and shelves for cable layout (according to the project), the electric lighting system, network power for portable lamps and tools, mechanical ventilation system);
  • The size of the working chamber and the collector – in accordance with the requirements of the project (1000-2200 mm inner diameter);
  • Compliance with fire safety requirements for collectors (automatic fire extinguishing powder. Intercepting fire partitions). Fire walls made of plastic sheets and treated with flame retardant coating fire resistance of not less than 0254. The space between the plates is filled with concrete.

For the passive protection against fires and fire polymeric products, as well as cable lines (power, communication cables, electronic tracks, internal cable routing, and so on. D.) With zlektroizolyatsionnuyu shell of polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, rubber, etc. Used Thin-layer flame retardant, water-based.

When exposed to a flame coating composition based on creating a heat-insulating foam layer honeycomb coke, stopping the burning of polymeric materials at an early stage and prevents the flame spread on the surface of the cable lines, as well as the introduction chamber or reservoir.