Well telecommunication cable

Well telecommunications cable (CCP SPIROCOM) is made for the construction of low-voltage networks (cable network distribution setting, local area networks, systems, access to the Internet and telephone network, upon receipt of the control system and the distribution of satellite television, security systems).

These wells are designed to pull, installation, inspection, repair and maintenance of communication cables.

In accordance with the requirements of the design of the construction of outside plant, wells are installed as a roadway and a pedestrian area.

Wells type CCP can be supplied fitted with brackets for installation of consoles and without equipment.

The body products, floor and roof with the neck, made of polyethylene spiral pipes SPIRO own production. Connection components of the well occurs through extrusion welding.

It may be produced in two versions: with eccentric and concentric neck.

Well cable telecommunications 1

Well the cable telecommunications “SPIROCOM” made to order with an unlimited number of lead pipes of different diameters at any angle.

Well telecommunication cable

Overall dimensions of the wells of cable telecommunications “SPIROCOM”, mm.

The name of the well Dвн. Dнар. Dгор H Hшах Hгор
CCP «SPIROCOM-800» 800 860 600 600 400 200
CCP «SPIROCOM-900» 900 960 600 600 400 200
CCP «SPIROCOM-1000» 1000 1080 700 700 500 200
CCP «SPIROCOM-1200» 1200 1280 700 750 550 200

Well-purpose cable

Wells Cable universal MCC “SPIROCOM” made for laying cables for special design and installation of cable joints. Also MCC “SPIROCOM” performs the functions of a standard manhole.

Wells MCC “SPIROCOM” are made to order with an unlimited number of lead pipes of different diameters and at any angle.

In accordance with the “Rules for Electrical Installation” (PUE) in manholes MCC “SPIROCOM” installed cable design, which laid the cables depending on their purpose and voltage. In addition to the cables on structures installed cable glands of various purpose (connective, branching, transition, locking, etc.). Cable supporting structures are mounted on special plastic inserts which are securely fastened to the chassis of the well with the help of an extrusion welding. These carrier elements are collapsible, which allows you to adjust the height of the consoles or increase the length of the shelf with optional pull new cable lines.

Well-purpose cable

Overall dimensions of the wells of cable universal “SPIROCOM”, mm.

The name of the well Dвн. Dнар. Т, wall thickness Н, the height of the well
CCU «SPIROCOM» 800/880 800 880 40  
CCU «SPIROCOM» 900/984 900 984 42  
CCU «SPIROCOM» 1000/1100 1000 1100 50  
CCU «SPIROCOM»1200/1316 1200 1316 58  
CCU «SPIROCOM» 1400/1528 1400 1528 64  
CCU «SPIROCOM» 1500/1632 1500 1632 66  
CCU «SPIROCOM»1600/1736 1600 1736 68 до 6000
CCU «SPIROCOM»1800/1948 1800 1948 74  
CCU «SPIROCOM»2000/2164 2000 2164 82  
CCU «SPIROCOM»2200/2400 2200 2400 100