Spiroplast plant is started up in 2008 and it is the most contemporary production, which has been developed under state regulations and standards of Ukraine and EU, as well as under the international quality requirements.


The plant is equipped with lines of innovative technology, which have no analogs in Ukraine. Pipes are made of polypropylene and polyethylene of PE80 and PE100 types. There are seven types of pipes produced (SDR27,6; SDR26; SDR21; SDR17,6; SDR17; SDR13,6; SDR11) depending on the rated pressure. Rated pressure is the constant internal pressure of water at 20 Celsius degrees, which can be sustained by polyethylene pipes within 50 years.


The production equipment makes polyethylene pipes of 20-2200mm diameter for water and gas supply, water drainage and heating mains, manholes of up to 2200mm diameter for external sewerage for systems of various structure and functionality.


Now the plant production is intended to meet the demand of internal market of quality polymer pipes and pipeline components.



The whole range of Spiroplast plant products are made of high quality raw materials produced by «Basell» and «Sabic». These companies are the largest manufacturers of polyethylene in the world.


Mission of the company

Implementation of most recent advances in domestic and foreign science provides the best quality of modern utilities


Strategy of the company

Production of modern products of high quality resulting in the leading position of the company in the market of polymer pipe and pipeline components manufacturers.


The production area of the plant is equipped with most up-to-date extrusion machinery, which is served by qualified scientists and engineers, controlling all the parameters of the production process.




Quality control laboratory of Spiroplast plant is unique. There can be made both incoming control of polyethylene raw material and acceptance testing of produced products following the regulating and technical documents.


Acceptance testing of produced products is made in such stages as: determination of pipe stiffness, thermal stability, and ring stiffness, research of crack proliferation resistance.


29 January 2009 Spiroplast Company has been certified as of quality control system following the requirements of ISO 9001-2001.