Grease SPIRO G- 04.01

When cleaning domestic wastewater enterprises, containing large amounts of fats and oils of various origins (cafes, restaurants, canteens, factories and so on.), Before being discharged into the public sewer system or treatment plant additionally require the installation of grease trap.

If cleaning does not produce pollution occurs pipes, clogged sewage treatment plant in the future – the termination of the entire sewer system.

Grease SPIRO
  1. The supply manifold;
  2. The discharge manifold;
  3. Oil level sensor;
  4. Vent stack;
  5. Staircase;
  6. Riser for pumping sludge;
  7. The level of fat in the first chamber;
  8. The level of fat in the second chamber;
  9. Point level.
Model of Grease Q Dn V=Vn d
l/s mm mm M3 mm
SPIRO G4.01/Q10 10 1400 2700 4 160
SPIRO G4.01/Q15 15 1600 2700 5
SPIRO G4.01/Q20 20 3000 6
SPIRO G4.01/Q25 25 1800 3200 8
SPIRO G4.01/Q30 30 3600 9

Order Example entries:

Grease SPIRO -04.01/Q20: productivity 20 л/с, rated diameter 1600 mm, nominal volume 6 м3, length 3000 mm.