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Pipe installation

Technology pipeline laying SPIRO

Trenchless pipe repair pipes SPIRO


SPIRO pipes are fully effective in the repair of existing pipelines by rehabilitation. The technology is in the dragging of existing pipeline pipes of smaller diameter with the defects repaired pipeline (turns, sprinkled, etc.).


Remediation method requires the use of powerful winches, with which the new pipe is pulled into the old pipe.















The criteria for the choice of technology renovation:

– A large extent repaired pipeline: The distance between the start and finish of pits, the inability to break the pit;

– A free space for the installation of pipe outside the excavation;

– The inability to halt the work of the existing pipeline.


Depending on the condition of the existing pipe and pipe ring stiffness SPIRO can implement sanitation pipe whip SPIRO, length of over 1000 meters.


Upon completion of remediation recommended filling the annulus with a solution of concrete. This eliminates the possibility of ground water seepage between pipe and filled the void.


In some cases, the pits are broken in places turns pipeline. Subsequent digging trenches in areas of critical bending pipe. One start excavation can be used for laying the pipe in two directions.


When welding a long loop is important to keep sanitizing appropriate entrance angles starting excavation.



Mounting modules SPIRO


Short modules SPIRO pipes connected by a threaded connection seal and sanitize in the pipeline across the starting pit.















SPIRO pipes modules manufactured in lengths up to 13,000 mm. Length of the module is determined by the diameter of the hatch or manhole pit.


Annular space is characterized by the following features:

– Ability to work without stopping the collector;

– Quick and easy installation;

– Low cost of the work.


The effect of the modular method of connection:

– Sealing destroyed collector

– Structural strengthening of the existing collector;

– Reducing the flow resistance;

– Longer life prosanirovannogo site.


Conduit SPIRO with auger equipment


With the pilot rods with optical channel, the control head of the theodolite with a camera equipped with a CCD and a monitor, you can perform controlled auger drilling in unstable ground.
















Pilot rods are pressed through the rock into the target shaft. During drilling, the slope is constantly monitored and direction


Depending on the soil conditions and the length of drilling in cohesive soils can be problems associated with torque. To address these issues, as well as for drilling in the presence of ground water, a special pilot rod with double walls, the control head that can be rotated with the inner tube. As a result, augers and casing exactly follow the pilot, followed by the laying of workers running pipes.


Especially for fine piping SPIRO HERRENKNECHT was developed by a unique auger equipment that enables push tube (outside diameter up to 1356 mm) sections of 100 meters.


This makes it possible to carry out projects that were previously used exclusively microtunneling equipment, with a much higher economic efficiency.


In addition to the pipe SPIRO, with this setup, you can push the steel (up to 1400 mm) and concrete (up to 1400 mm) pipe.