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Technology laying pipes SPIRO

Trenchless piping repairs SPIRO pipes

Trenchless piping repairs SPIRO pipes

SPIRO pipes are maximally effective in the repair of existing pipeline rehabilitation method. The technology consists in dragging of the existing pipe of smaller diameter pipe and the pipe repaired defects (bends, dusting etc.).

Rehabilitation method requires the use of powerful winches, by which the new pipe is pulled into the old pipe.

Criteria for choosing sanitation technologies:

  • The great length of the pipeline section to be repaired: The distance between the start and finish of pits, the inability to break the pit;
  • The presence of free space for the installation of pipes outside the pit;
  • Inability to complete stopping the existing pipeline.

Depending on the condition of the existing pipeline and the ring stiffness of pipes SPIRO can be carried out sanitation of pipes SPIRO whip length more than 1000 meters.

At the end of rehabilitation is recommended to fill the annulus concrete solution. This eliminates the possibility of infiltration of groundwater and fill the shell side of the void.

In some cases broken in places they pits pipe bends. Subsequent digging trenches in areas of critical pipeline bends. One starter pit can be used for laying pipes in two directions.

When welding loop length sanitizing it is important to maintain proper input angles starter pit.

Mounting modules SPIRO

Mounting modules SPIRO

Short pipe SPIRO modules are connected by a threaded connection with a seal and sanitize the pipeline through the starter pit.

Modules SPIRO pipes are manufactured in lengths up to 13,000 mm. The length of the module is determined by the diameter of the manhole or manhole pit.


Tube space is characterized by the following features:

  • Ability to perform work without stopping the collector;
  • Quick and easy installation;
  • Low cost of implementation.

The effect of the method of modular connections:

  • Sealing destroyed collector;
  • Structural strengthening of the existing reservoir;
  • Reduced flow resistance;
  • Increasing the area prosanirovannogo life.

Laying of pipes SPIRO using auger equipment

Laying of pipes SPIRO using auger equipment

With the help of the pilot rod with an optical channel, the control head of a theodolite with a camera equipped with a CCD and the monitor, you can perform a controlled auger drilling in unstable ground.

The pilot rods are pressed through the rock into the target shaft. During drilling continuously monitored slope and direction.


Depending on the ground conditions and the drilling length in cohesive soils can be problems associated with torque. To solve these problems, as well as for drilling in the presence of groundwater, a special pilot rod with double walls, the control head which can be rotated by means of the inner tube. As a result, screws and casing precisely follow the pilot, and after them performed laying pipes working.

Especially unique auger equipment that allows you to push the pipe (up to 1356 mm outer diameter) portions of 100 meters has been designed for accurate piping SPIRO company HERRENKNECHT.

This makes it possible to carry out projects that were previously used exclusively microtunneling technology, with significantly higher economic efficiency.

Besides SPIRO pipe, by means of this setting, it is possible to push the steel (1,400 mm) and concrete (1,400 mm) pipe.