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Methods polyethylene pipe compounds

PE pipes in dependence from functional purpose compounds on two groups:

  • In-One – that dismantling the operation is not required;
  • Split – which may disassemble during operation.

Permanent connection of PE pipes is made using butt welding or welding elektrofuzionnoy clutch.

Plug connection is made with steel flanges (flange connection).

For small diameters are used push-in connection using compression fittings.

Butt welding

Butt welding

Butt welding for many years is the most common technology for connecting PE pipes, over 63 mm diameter. special welding equipment used to perform the connection.

The ends of the pipes installed and connected to the machine, designed for butt welding. After alignment and fixing the pipes smoothly sanded edges, providing them with mutually parallel.

Then, the pipe ends are heated hot plate with PTFE coating, which is thermostatically controlled temperature. A heating plate is placed between the pipe ends to be joined. When sufficient melt pipes edge plate is removed and the ends of the pipes are pressed together and allowed to cool pipes.

After welding, the joint on the outer and inner surface of the tube seam is formed. It can be easily removed using special equipment. The quality of the connection quickly and reliably established by visual inspection from the outside seam.

Electrofusion welding of polyethylene pipes

Electrofusion welding of polyethylene pipes

In recent years, it is gaining popularity electrofusion welding. In performing its electric fittings used on the inner surface of which there is a layer of high resistance wire. Wire, an electric current is heated and welded parts and located within them welded pipe.

With electrofusion welding occurs sockets, elbows, tees, reducers and saddles.

Electrofusion welding is recommended to connect the pipes of small and medium diameter: 20 – 315mm.

The welding machine is a lightweight, hand-portable device.

Welding voltage constituting 40B safely even at high humidity. Built-in automatic machine allows the device to weld quickly and easily.